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Compensation for Anesthesia Errors

The vulnerability of handing your life over to the hands of a stranger you have only just met less than a week ago is an alarming thought that inspires fear and anxiety within every reasonable living person. A thousand worries and concerns can flood your system while […]

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Top 3 Things to Know in South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Claims

1. South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation Laws Provide Medical Treatment, Payment While Out of Work, and Compensation for Permanent Injury Immediately notify your employer and supervisor after any on-the-job or work-related injury, and document the communication. Your employer should notify its workers’ compensation insurance company and send you […]

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Hilton Head Workers’ Compensation Law Firm: Know Your Rights? We Do. Let’s Talk, No Charge.

Injured on the job and need help, can’t work, need income and help with the medical bills.  Employer and insurance company won’t help.  Doctors from the insurance company tell me I’m OK, but I’m not.  I think my employer wants to fire me.  What do I do? […]

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Timeshare Resorts Sky High and Neon Flashing Lights in My Eye

Towering hotels and timeshare resorts, flashing neon lights and signs, accompanied by cut throat priced all-you-can-eat buffets, souvenir shops and seedy bars- while this isn’t Hilton Head Island, yet, it one day could be. I recently visited Florida, and it was a mistake. Grapefruit League baseball or […]

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Workers’ Comp – It’s the Employee vs. the Employer

During the most common course of a worker’s compensation claim, there is a simple on-the-job injury to an employer of a South Carolina business. The employee performs a laborious task or strenuous labor. The employee is injured during the task, and reports the injury to the supervisor. […]

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Unpaid Wages, Wage Claims and Overtime in SC

A typical employee/ employer relationship functions by an employee completing an agreed set of tasks for compensation. However, sometimes employers refuse or fail to pay their employees in a timely fashion. Under South Carolina’s Payment of wages act, Labor Standards Act and South Carolina common law, employees […]

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Timeshare Exit: Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach: South Carolina Timeshare Attorney’s Experience After Representing Hundreds of Timeshare Purchases

I have consulted with South Carolina timeshare owners pretty much every day, multiple times a day, for more than five years now. Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head have the highest concentration, but timeshares are aplenty in South Carolina otherwise as well. Presumably you, like essentially everyone I […]

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Timeshare Complaints in South Carolina

Timeshares are regulated under the Timeshare Act South Carolina section 27-32-130; this code is responsible for the enforcement and compliance of timeshare statutes in the state of South Carolina. Per the Timeshare Act, the Real Estate Commission is the responsible party for the compliance and enforcement of […]

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Workers’ Compensation Claims in South Carolina

Workers’ compensation law is contained in SC code 42-1-10; this code outlines the financial and medical benefits to employees who are injured during the course of employment in South Carolina. A worker’s compensation claim generally begins with an injury which occurs during the course of employment. The […]

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How to Get Out of a Timeshare Contract in South Carolina

If you begin a Google search with the terms “how to get out of…” and timeshare is one of the first populants to complete the query. Why does this happen? Oftentimes it is because the terms, conditions and benefits of a timeshare are misrepresented by the sales […]

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