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You should consider advice from an employment lawyer for any wrongful termination, unpaid wages, overtime pay, discrimination, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, breach of employment contract, and unemployment benefits, which are common matters relating to employment law. Employees whom have been wrongfully terminated or fired from their job and whom have not been paid in full or paid everything they were promised are often in a desperate position and in need of immediate and competent legal advice and representation.

Discrimination based upon sex, race, religion, skin color, national origin, pregnancy, and age may well be illegal and unacceptable for employees in a supposed professional employment environment. Suffering in a hostile work environment and being treated differently from your co-workers is often disagreeable and untenable for employees.

Unpaid wages and overtime pay are also commonplace and grievances of employees who want to receive what was promised to them by their employer. Employees may not receive their final paycheck or receive it timely. Employers may also misclassify employees as independent contractors so that the employer may reap certain legal benefits from this same misclassification.

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Often, an employee is fired and has his or her employment terminated by an employer for an illegal and improper reason. The employer’s purported reason may be innocent, but the asserted reason is a pretext, simply false, and the employer’s real motivation is illegal. Your employment attorney may negotiate an informal resolution with your employer, work with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, and ultimately file a lawsuit.

After termination of one’s employment, former employees may continue to be ensnared and entangled in legal matters with one’s former employer due to non-compete or confidentiality agreements in the employment agreement. These restrictions may not be enforceable, and your attorney should advise you as to your rights regarding all of your employment related matters and possible claims.

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