Hilton Head Workers’ Compensation Law Firm: Know Your Rights? We Do. Let’s Talk, No Charge.

Injured on the job and need help, can’t work, need income and help with the medical bills.  Employer and insurance company won’t help.  Doctors from the insurance company tell me I’m OK, but I’m not.  I think my employer wants to fire me.  What do I do?

These are not just typical search phrases from someone who has been injured on the job and is investigating their rights online.  These are also the same types of questions that we receive from injured workers on Hilton Head and in Bluffton daily.  Workers’ compensation laws in South Carolina are not intuitive, they are just words written down on paper as a compromise made by the legislature between injured workers and employees, and so we must submit.

Generally, workers’ compensation is an injured workers’ sole remedy, although there are certainly exceptions, such as when a third party tortfeasor is at fault, such as in an automobile accident while on the job.  Regardless, the South Carolina workers’ compensation system provides valuable benefits, and it is our pleasure to assist workers injured on the job in obtaining the maximum relief available to them under the law.

You can still obtain an attorney although you have not retained one to date, no matter what posture your lawsuit might be in.  My law firm does not charge for consults, so I always advise the same thing: contact us, set up a consult, and let’s talk so that you can learn your rights.  At no charge, there is no harm.

Moreover, an attorney working for you on this type of matter should charge a contingent fee, or a percentage of the amount recovered for you at the end of your case, plus reimbursement of costs and expenses, and should not charge you hourly.  So, you should not have to pay anything up front or out of pocket, and fees should only be paid out of the money earned at the end of your case.

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