Timeshare Resorts Sky High and Neon Flashing Lights in My Eye

Towering hotels and timeshare resorts, flashing neon lights and signs, accompanied by cut throat priced all-you-can-eat buffets, souvenir shops and seedy bars- while this isn’t Hilton Head Island, yet, it one day could be. I recently visited Florida, and it was a mistake. Grapefruit League baseball or not, winning team or not- my mind kept drifting back to will this be Hilton Head Island in 2025? Will I see one of the $1.00 Timeshare condos for sale on Ebay?

I stayed, for the first time, at an undisclosed timeshare hotel, to get the ‘timeshare experience.’ On the surface, it appeared to be a normal hotel where families purchased mini-vacations for discounted rates and a real estate presentation. My infant son, and my mother were with me for this experience. Upon check in, we were directed to a specific side of Guest Services to be herded into a timeshare tour.

The receptionist was a woman with plastic black rimmed glasses with rhinestones in the corners of the rim. She was overly fake tanned, almost orange in appearance; the fake tan did nothing but accentuate her wrinkles making her appear a few decades older than she actually was. Her voice was broken, deep and raspy and the wafting smell of cigarettes was evident, even from across the counter. She slid a folder across the counter with all of our information inside, after asking us to verify; she sent us on to the second Guest Service desk.

We had not qualified for the tour; by that I mean when our socioeconomic information was reviewed we were not ideal candidates for a timeshare purchase. What makes one an ideal candidate you ask? Well it is a list of qualifications including income, marital status, number of offspring and other acquirements.

At the second Guest Services desk, a gentleman exchanged a dollar for quarters for me; my mother wanted to play Galaga later. My mother is incredibly good at Galaga. The guy mentioned discounted tickets to area attractions; but, he didn’t push a hard sale. I didn’t go on the tour Saturday or Sunday, and we checked out on Sunday. So I didn’t experience the sale tactics some of my clients report. I was a bit disappointed honestly.

I wanted to experience the sales tactics that cause purchasers to purchase just to get away from the sales person. I wanted to experience the high pressure sale experience. However, in the past I have purchased a discounted vacation package- and over the phone, no less. I will absolutely and steadfastly blame this purchase on the insistence of someone else. I never used it, and the entire purchase was a loss. I was taken for a few hundred dollars and learned a life lesson.

But, my clients and other victims of timeshare fraud are often not out just a few hundred dollars, they are often out tens of thousands of dollars. Many of these timeshare fraud victims are senior citizens, as such they are obligating their future fixed incomes and retirement fund proceeds to timeshares they may never be able to use.

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